Stove Repair

There are many different brands and models of stoves being used in homes and businesses and our experts can service most of them. There are gas, electric and convection units. Some have smooth top surfaces and others have the old traditional coil burners. At Burnaby Appliances Repair we can provide the cost effective resolutions needed to get the stove working again. This kitchen appliance is detrimental to the home and business which is why we respond so quickly to the call.

Old Fashioned Customer Service

StoveCall us old fashioned if you will, but we believe in providing old fashioned customer service with a smile. Although we push to provide stove service quickly and accurately; we still take the time to answer questions and hear what our customers have to say. Time is money, but customer service is our business and we never treat our customers like a number. We take pride in our business approach and it has served us well.

Keen Troubleshooting Skills

When it comes to Stove Repair in Burnaby we depend highly on our keen troubleshooting skills to provide prompt stove repair remedies. If our customers call us and say there is no power to the stove the first thing we do before we rush out is ask them to check their breaker to make sure it hasn’t tripped. We even go as far as to request they check to ensure the unit has not become unplugged from the receptacle. If this is the case then we can save our customers the price of a service call.

Beyond the obvious, our specialists know how which specific areas should be checked first to determine what is causing the particular problem with the stove. In many cases it is simply bad coils with that particular type of stove. In other cases it is electrical connection problems, bad switches and similar problems. At Appliances Repair Burnaby we will solve these problems and will provide stove installation service if our customers request it as well.

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